THREE Filipinos were wounded in the forehead, two had fractures on their shoulder and leg, while nine others said they received immediate medical attention. They were among a total of 19 Filipinos who figured in a  bus accident in Rome last October  16.

The Department of
Foreign Affairs (DFa) said some
of them reported having suffered muscle trauma, quoting doctors who evaluated
the Filipinos.

“No one was critically
injured,” the DFA added.

Chargé d’Affaires Candy
S. Cypres-Bauzon reported to the DFA that the Embassy had identified and has
the contact details of all the 19 injured Filipinos.

A Facebook account said a Rome city bus crashed into a tree on the city’s
Via Cassia, “causing multiple injuries, four of them serious but none believed
to be life-threatening.”

The incident occurred
after the vehicle veered off the road, near the junction with Via Oriolo, at
around 9 a.m. on October 16. Twelve ambulances transported the injured to five
hospitals around Rome, with firefighters assisting in removing passengers

“Rome’s public
transport company ATAC has opened an investigation into the reason behind the
accident,” Philippine officials in Rome told the DFA.

The bus involved in the
crash had been in service for 12 years.


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